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Company Update : May 2020

May 1, 2020 | Press Release | 0 comments

[Reported by CNN Indonesia]: The citizens of Jogjakarta now uses an app to recycle their waste (6th July 2019)

Here are some quick updates for you:

  1. Waste Collection App, RAPEL
    In our first 12 months since launching, we had 7,000+ downloads. However, in the month of April 2020 alone, we received more than 19,000 downloads. The business of waste management is an essential service regardless of the political or economic cycle. Rapel is currently climbing the popularity trend in Google Playstore Indonesia. And today, May 13th 2020, glad to announce that Rapel Apps has reached 35,000 downloads. Please check out how we are developing our marketing campaigns via RAPEL’s Instagram and RAPEL’s Facebook.
  2. Business Collaboration with PT Tetra Pak
    Tetra Pak is a leading global company engaged in food and beverage processing and packaging. Its vision is to provide safe, innovative and environmentally friendly products that are used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Our collaboration between PT WAE and PT Tetra Pak supports RAPEL’s outreach to the communities in Jogjakarta by encouraging household consumers to send their used beverage cardboard packaging to be sold via the RAPEL app. RAPEL Collectors will then pick up from individual households to be recycled in Tetra Pak’s facility.
  3. Business Collaboration with GoJek
    A cooperation agreement has been dealed between PT WAE with GoJek (the biggest ride hailing and IT company in SE-Asia, valued at US$10B) to use their digital payment platform of GoPay. Through this cooperation, Rapel’s collectors will be able to introduce GoPay as an additional paying method, enabling ease pf payments for a greater pool of end-users.
  4. Business Collaboration with BTPN Bank (Magelang Branch)
    Officially known as Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional. Its business has expanded from a pension-fund focused service to provide banking and financial services for micro, small, medium enterprises (MSMEs) and mass market segments. Our collaboration with BTPN Bank in Magelang Branch allows RAPEL to be introduced to their micro-business clients to have an alternative job and extra income by signing up as a RAPEL Collector for their respective area.
  5. Business Collaboration with Taman Pintar, Yogyakarta
    Taman Pintar (translated as “SMART PARK”) in Yogyakarta is a local government park of attraction for children’s education. Combining playing and learning, this park is built with various facilities that is designed to promote understanding and interest in science, technology and environmental issues. PT WAE signed an agreement with Taman Pintar to use RAPEL as a service to manage all of their inorganic waste.
  6. PT WAE is now an ADUPI Member
    ADUPI which stands for Asosiasi Daur Ulang Plastik Indonesia (translated as Indonesia Plastic Recycling Association) allows its members to trade recycle waste directly with each other.
  7. GCAL Limited Angel Round – raising S$1.2mil for 10% stake
    We are currently going through our angel round of fundraising. We have invited some of our private network over Zoom to join us for a presentation. We would also like to invite our cofounders-investors to invite your friends to participate in our sessions, too. Please get in touch with Cynthia via cynthia@gcal.sg to arrange a session for us to meet with potential investors from your side.
  8. GCAL Limited’s 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    Due to movement control or circuit breaker measures, the board of directors have collectively agreed to postpone the AGM to 16th July 2020 (Thursday) to be held in Karawaci, Tangerang, Indonesia. We will keep you posted on the location and time at a later date. Meanwhile, please create an event in your calendar for this.
  9. As promised in our previous update that we will have a RAPEL-videointroduction for social media purpose. You may share this video to your friends, family or network via our YOUTUBE Channel.

We look forward to catch up with you whenever possible. Together we are able to create a sustainable future for our children and grand-children.