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Company Update : January 2021

Feb 25, 2021 | Press Release | 0 comments


The Semarang City Government Health Office and RAPEL are joining hands to develop a win-win financing scheme for the rural poor to pay for their health insurance by selling their inorganic & recyclable wastes to Rapel.

With this partnership in place, the residents of Semarang City will be able to afford the BPJS (Insurance & Social Security) fees by collecting and dropping off recyclable wastes at RAPEL’ss authorised collection points throughout Semarang. 

Currently, trial of waste collection has been carried out in a few local communities. When this plan is successfully launched, RAPEL will successfully add 300,000 active users on our mobile app. 

(This picture below was taken during the meeting held on 23rd December 2020.)

Improving Our Waste Collection Point

RAPEL partners with local scavengers to encourage the household users to sell their wastes directly to us via our mobile app. This has potential to reach out to those who are living in the rural and remote area where a large percentage of their plastic wastes are openly burned instead of sending them for recycling.

Real stories from our collectors who partnered with RAPEL to provide an alternative income for their families. The money earned from RAPEL manage to pay for their daily expenses for themselves and for their children. RAPEL is truly life-changing.

On behalf of the RAPEL team, we thank you for being with us throughout this journey. This year has been both exciting and bumpy for us. 

To all our investors, friends, family members, business partners and those whom we have knocked on doors to pitch to, we look forward to meet you again when opportunities permit. 

GCAL requires your support, love and attention to continue this good work. May our front-liners be safe and strong as they worked without rest to ensure the business continues to grow.