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Company Update : October 2020

Oct 1, 2020 | Press Release | 0 comments

Hello, Investors!

Over the last few months as the world was thrown into chaos due to a global pandemic, many lower-income earners in Indonesia could not avoid feeling the pain in their pockets, especially for those who relied on trade and a job to put food on their tables.

With RAPEL’s presence in Central Java, we have been providing an alternative income for our “pemulung sampah” (garbage scavengers) to sell their collected wastes to our Rapel Warehouse. We collect these wastes, process and resell it at a higher price to factories who will reuse these to produce other plastic products. We sell cardboards, metal wastes and used cooking oil directly to buyers who will recycle these into a more valuable output.

If you are curious how our business have impacted lives for the poor, please click on this link to watch a typical day of a Rapel Collector in Central Java. Please note that this video is produced by the collector himself.

It means a lot to us when our own collectors promote the mission of Zero Waste to fellow neighbours. May the good work of RAPEL touches the lives of those who are in need of an alternative income during these hard times.

Last month, our RAPEL team in Jogjakarta has accomplished the following:

  1. We have secured thirteen (13) contracts from various business sectors to engage RAPEL as their waste collector. One of them is a Government Treasury Office, 1 School, 1 supermarket and 10 cafes & restaurants. We collecting larger quantity of wastes from these partners.
  2. Wastes Banks in Indonesia act as a storage area for wastes. The purpose to establish waste banks is to reduce wastes going to the landfill. RAPEL partners with 13 Waste Banks in Jogja by buying the wastes directly from them to re-sell at a higher value to a 3rd-party.
  3. We have secured a buyer for plastic bottle wastes. Buyer has agreed to buy in huge quantities. This is fantastic news for RAPEL because we need to ensure that our buyers are good with large orders when we start to increase the tonnage of wastes which we collect from retail users and businesses.

Should you know owners of restaurants, cafe’s, bars, hotels, offices who can sell their wastes to RAPEL, please let me know so that I can pass a contact to my team in Semarang to reach out to them. We are securing deals from such business owners to sell their wastes to us.

Every step is a milestone. Every deal means a lot to us. We need your support to help us to promote RAPEL to as many household users and business owners so that we can continue the good work in all of Indonesia one day.

Look forward to meet or connect again when opportunities arise.

Stay safe, stay amazing!